Strengthening the esplais is our reason for being

The reason for Esplais Catalans is to strengthen the esplais (youth organisations) that are part of Esplac. That’s why we offer support focused on promoting the autonomy of our esplais. To do this, we offer to them pedagogical and organizational resources, as well as trainings, in order to help you with whatever you need to develop their activity.

What do we offer?


Advice and training in the legal, administrative and economic management of esplai

Keeping up with the legal changes that affect esplais is very important for the proper functioning of associations. That is why we work to make the information understandable and to make a good accompaniment in the efforts. In addition, we offer support in economic management, resource management, recreation documentation and relations with public administrations. Specifically we offer:

  • Management of the insurance of espai and civil insurance, as well as mediation in case of an accident.
  • The distribution of a part of the grant of the Directorate General of Youth among the esplais according to the elements approved in the General Assembly.
  • Support in access, application, monitoring and justification of grants.
  • Access to scholarships for families.
  • Support in the constitution of a new entity, renewal of the board, statutes, etc.
  • Accompaniment to meetings with the Public Administration and / or support in its preparation.
  • Advice on issues related to the Law on data protection and referral to professionals.
  • Advice on issues related to finance and referral to professionals.


Advice and training in the organization and strategy of recreation

Regarding advice and training in aspects related to the organization and strategy of the esplais, the support in the organization of camps and routes, communication, the problems when it comes to use a public space, the management of the organization stands out of the team of children, the participation of the members of the recreation, the generational relief, the management of conflicts, the work with families, the work for projects and the work in network. We offer, among others:

  • Support in the detection and mediation in the management of conflicts and other problems.
  • Activities and dynamics for group facilitation.
  • Accompaniment in the search for a local or in rental agreements and assignment agreements.
  • We offer dissemination tools such as posters, postcards or personalized triptychs. We also advise on communication plans and use of access to knowledge technologies, as well as other tools aimed at improving the communication of the esplais.


Advice and training in pedagogical subjects

Through l’Escola Lliure El Sol, we offer continuous training to the leaders of our esplais, as well as to all the work teams of the association. There are several programs within the training plan according to the target groups:

  • Marta Mata Program, for leaders and managers of esplais. Recognized for the Generalitat of Catalonia with the title of Leader and Director.
  • Teresa Claramunt Program, for leaders of Esplais Catalans.

In addition, you can also enjoy:

  • International trainings/seminars.
  • Leisure and Feminisms Conference and Environmental Days
  • School of Esplac
  • Trainings