We want to promote the ability of being outward-looking humans, the networking between entities and the spaces where we share experiences in order to understand our society and transform it, developing a global shared responsibility awareness. We have a regular and a continuous contact with diverse networks, federations and associations at local and international level.

Next opportunities

Our goals:
  • Supporting our young people and preparing them before their international activities.
  • Improving the sending, selection and preparation of participants and esplais before international activities and improving the personalized attention to the esplais on international issues.
  • Improving the follow up of international activities, trainings, seminars and international projects in order to maximize the impact on the association.
  • Encourage young European volunteers to promote an inclusive and intercultural society, generate social transformation and create international solidarity between countries.
  • Make visible Esplais Catalans at European and international level to strengthen the role of Esplais Catalans and make them know how it works. The IFM-SEI is the platform to which Esplac belongs internationally and of which we are part.
  • To foster the sense of internationalism in the esplais and in our youth groups: the promotion of critical spirit, the positioning of social injustices, the increase of knowledge of new geographies and cultures, a better capacity of organization and communication and so on.

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