Before starting the #T4D Camp it is very important to implement these tasks. It seems a long list, but in fact there’s not so much left to do! We are almost ready, the camp is about to start!

  • You have to remember to bring with you the European Health Insurance Card. This card allow your to have access to Public (state) Medical Assistance for free – if there is the need – during your stay in the #T4D. You have to contact the department of your country responsible of medical assistance. In the case of Spain, it is the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. Together with parental authorization of minors, both documents will let the organizers of the Camp react in case of accidents.
  • Passport or National Identification Document. We would like to remember that all EU citizens do not need to bring the Passport (according to Schengen agreement). Check in your country if you need an additional document to bring together with ID Card.
  • Prepare a video presentation of your group and send it to us.
  • Check newsletters we are sending. All information of the #T4D is in
  • Feedback methods and activities with groups of your village – the activity has already started!
  • Remember to answer the interview (10 simple questions) we sent by e-mail weeks ago.
  • By 1st of July:
    • Book flights and register data at– 1st of July is the final deadline!
    • Finish transferring participation fees
    • Complete data of all participantsentering to: you have forgotten your password, contact us!)
    • Decide which excursion you will doon 24th of July (free day)
    • Send missing data of travel expenses to the Preparatory Meeting (electronic tickets with prize, bank details, boarding pass of travel back, etc.). You can send all these data by e-mail, despite bus/train tickets and boarding passes, which should be sent by registered post to:

Esplais Catalans – Esplac
Att. Marc Garcia
c. Avinyó núm. 44 2n
08002 Barcelona

Contact persons for all theses issues… and as well for any question you may have!: Manuela Sorrentino ( and Marc Garcia (