Esplais Catalans is pleased to inform you that Spanish National Agency (NA) has aproved the projects to fund “Together for Diversiy” (T4D)! Thus, we will be have the chance…:

  • To host a preparatory meeting (14th-16th of June): 1 leader + 1 participant/partner organisation in each project (100% of flight reimbursement)

  • To reimburse you the 70% of travel costs (proving expenses with tickets, boarding passes and invoices): we will indicate you very soon the maximum amount we could register in applications to Spanish NA. Please, note that no expenses can be done until 1st of May!

  • And of course, cover meals, campsite expeneses, etc.

As we wrote you by e-mail last week of March, registration of participants was opened on 1st of April. The first deadlne is 13th of May, and a second deadline is on 3rd of June (with an increase of 15% on the fee!).

Yesterday, International Commission of Esplac agreed to postpone one week the registration of volunteers for the camp. So, you can register volunteers willing to cooperate in logistic issues (such as cooking, communication, transport, etc.) until 22nd of April. Remember that we will cover room and board of all volunteers, and local transport from Barcelona to the Can Cadí house. The house is located next to the campsite and will be the place where volunteers will be hosted. To register, please follow, using the username and password we send you a few weeks ago (if you have forgotten it, please write to and we will send it to you again).