Together for Diversity International Camp organised by Esplais Catalans – Esplac is closing the registration procedure. Next Monday 27th of May is the first deadline!. If you are willing to come, please update your data before Monday. Registrations done between the 27th of May and 10th of June will have a charge of 15% to the initial fee.

Registration must be done at (you have a username and a code, sent weeks ago). For each participant you add, the system calculates the fee. After adding all participants from your delegation you will see the total sum you have to transfer to Esplac account number – indicated in the same Participants Section where you have registered your delegation. When doing the transfer, please indicate: “name of organisation_number of participants_T4D”. For example: “Esplac_17_T4D”.

We would very much appreciate you inform us about arrival/departure to the Preparatory Meeting. Remember that arrival to Barcelona should be the 14th of June before 13:00 and departure from Barcelona after 16:00 the 16th of June. We can host 1 youth leader + 1 participant from each partner1. Please, infom us by e-mail about arrivals/departures to the Preparatory Meeting before 31st of May.

Finally, we would like to remind you that since 1st of May you can book your travels to Together for Diversity Camp. At Transports Section in you can register the data of arrivals – 19th of July before 15:00 – and departures – 28th of July all day long; better do not take first time planes because the Campsite is 2h30′ far from Barcelona Airport.

1As Woodcraft Folk is in 3 villages and Arciragazzi in 2, it means 3+3 and 2+2 in their case.