Last week we created a new section at Transports section. From 1st May on, you can buy the flights, both for prepmeeting (we can reimburse you 100% of flight) and T4D (we can reimburse you 70% of flight):

  • Preparatory Meeting: 14th of June (arrival time in Barcelona 13:00) – 16th of June (departure time from Barcelona 16:00). We can host 1 youth leader + 1 participant from each partner. As Woodcraft Folk is in 3 villages and Arciragazzi in 2, it means 3+3 and 2+2 in their case.

  • Together for Diversity Camp: 19th of July (arrival time to be confirmed; better during the morning) – 28th of July (departure time all day long; better do not take first time planes). Remember we can host 15 participants + 2 leaders per partnership agreement signed by you.